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Twenty years ago, the standard treatment for any primary malignant bone and soft-tissue sarcomas of the extremities was amputation of the affected arm or leg. However, major advances in surgical techniques, chemotherapy and radiation therapy, have revolutionized the treatment of these diseases.

Limb-sparing surgery is now a safe and effective method of treatment for many, if not most, individuals. The goal of limb-sparing surgery is safe and complete removal of the tumor with preservation of limb function. The use of a metal endoprosthesis to reconstruct bone and joint after the removal of a tumor affords the surgeon and patient the best combination of operative flexibiliity and durability

Advantages of prosthetic reconstruction

1. Early mobilization and return to chemotherapy
2. Individually customizable at time of surgery
3. Excellent longevity

We have now performed nearly 300 prosthetic reconstructions in patients with musculoskeletal tumors. With this extensive experience and with continuous refinements in surgical technique and prosthetic design, we now have greater than 90% prosthetic survival rate at 10 years at most anatomic sites with an overall limb salvage rate between 90-95%.

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