The Tikhoff-Linberg procedure: report of ten patients and presentation of a modified technique for tumors of the proximal humerus

Surgery. 1985 May;97(5):518-28
Malawer MM, Sugarbaker PH, Lampert M, Baker AR, Gerber NL

The Tikhoff-Linberg resection is a limb-sparing surgical option to be considered for bony and soft-tissue tumors in and around the proximal humerus and shoulder girdle. Careful selection of patients whose tumor does not involve the neurovascular bundle in the axilla is required. The distal clavicle, upper humerus, and part or all of the scapula are resected. The tumor remains covered by the deltoid muscle plus portions of the muscles that arise from or insert into the resected specimen. In patients with tumors of the proximal humerus a custom prosthesis is used to maintain length and stabilize the distal humerus. Elbow flexion plus stability of the shoulder without the need of an orthosis may be achieved with muscle transfers. Function of the hand and forearm after Tikhoff-Linberg resection should be near normal. Review of results in 10 patients shows no local recurrences and excellent function. The major postoperative problem was nerve palsy. The Tikhoff-Linberg procedure should continue to be used for limb salvage in selected patients with tumors in or around the shoulder girdle.

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