Tumors of the shoulder girdle. Technique of resection and description of a surgical classification

Orthop Clin North Am. 1991 Jan;22(1):7-35
Malawer MM

Limb-sparing surgery is safe and reliable for most bone and soft-tissue tumors of the shoulder girdle. Eighty to ninety percent of patients with high-grade sarcomas of the shoulder can be safely treated by the various surgical techniques described. Attention must be paid to appropriate patient selection, preoperative staging, and planning. In addition, careful skeletal and muscular reconstruction of the surgical defect is necessary for a successful outcome. A new, universal, classification schemata (types I-VI) of shoulder girdle resections has been developed. This classification system is based on the bones resected, the status of the abductor mechanism, and the relationship to the glenohumeral joint. This system permits easy description and comparison of the various limb-sparing procedures performed. 

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