Analysis of surgical treatment of 33 foot and ankle tumors

Foot Ankle Int. 1994 Apr; 15(4): 175-81
Chou LB, Malawer MM

Thirty-three patients treated for tumors of the foot and ankle at one cancer institution over a 14-year period were reviewed. There were 15 females and 18 males, with an age range of 1 to 64 years (average 22.6 years). Twenty-one tumors were benign, 11 were malignant, and 1 tumor had metastasized. The most common diagnoses were: fibromatosis (10), aneurysmal bone cyst (4), synovial sarcoma (4), chondrosarcoma (3), and other (12). Surgical procedures included: wide resection (14), local resection (8), curettage and cryosurgery (7), and below-knee amputation (4). Follow-up from surgery was 1 to 13 years (average 7.2 years). There were no local recurrences. Functional results were good-to-excellent in 82% (27/33) of patients. Fifty-five percent (18/33) of the patients were full weightbearing and enjoyed unlimited activity. 

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